AVMGDIGITAL, is a private company owned by Daniel Azure, which is a distribution and music publishing operation which has a digital channel, that extends out to global territories across the entire EMEA ( Europe, Middle East and Africa ) including North America and Canada. We specifically market and provide quality acts and new talent that fall in alignment with the AVMGDIGITAL code of practice and the high entertainment standards which are expected by its valued private members and media industry executives from around the world. We now offer and provide a direct channel to display music and content via live streaming, Pod Cast, Online Downloads, and terrestrial broadcast of exclusive events and live performances of some of the acts and recording artists who come through the doors of AVMGDIGITAL, offering both national (U.K) and international creative solutions that work very well in todays fast moving entertainment and online market place. The real difference will be the level of creative involvement our team will deliver with your brand and the level of interest we will take in getting your campaign ‘just right’. We are not ‘yes’ people – but you will know that we care! Because we like to route everything that we do in a well thought through strategy, you will find that we will ask a lot of questions at planning stage; thereafter it will be you asking us the questions, given that ultimately we are consultants. With an extensive portfolio of marketing campaigns under our belt, for globally recognized acts and brands such as Fashionweek Brooklyn, DEF JAM, SONY MUSIC, AEG LIVE, Kanye West, Lloyd Banks & G Unit, Usher, Ludaris, Jay Z and Beyonce to just name a few, as a client, You know that you can rely on us to meet ALL your needs. Each option we will suggest will be economical and effective for providing your business with the credibility it deserves all the while increasing your company’s visibility -“The right buzz can make people take notice”. Because we understand that companies need a trend conscious, up to date promotional campaign that exudes the rest, we at AVMGDIGITAL are dedicated to unique marketing strategies with exceptional results in each category. We are currently in discussions with various well established publishers and TV broadcasters to administer its strong and newly developed catalog of strong copyrights for its existing and newly signed music writers and composers. The publishing division of AVMGDIGITAL will concentrate in the areas of Film, TV, Advertising, Music Video and the digital gaming industry providing as many new opportunities as possible to it’s writers via Synchronization, Licensing and Production Deals.